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We are literally re-branding PR with new methods suitable for the digital era
“Over the past 20 years, the media landscape has evolved continuously. This required us to adapt our methods to focus on channels that work.

Looking at our 2019 results, clients continue to be assured
of results by working with us in 2020.”
Ashley Wells — Managing Partner

A Modern, Internet-era approach to PR

How would your customers describe you in a sentence? And how does that compare against your intended branding? With the introduction of the internet and subsequently social media, the number of strategies available to a PR firm has increased. At the same time, your customer's attention span is decreased tremendously.

It is often tempting to use a single approach due to the "click-bait" environment we live in today. Unscrupulous marketers know that entrepreneurs are always looking for any kind of secret to give them an edge. This is what has given rise to headlines such as "How this one trick tripled my revenue..".

At Dab Media, we know that it's not about that "one trick" but to understand the importance of an omni-channel strategy in achieving your goal. Our methods have been refined over time to achieve outstanding results in the least time possible.

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