Best New Authors 2020

Dabb Media wishes to recognise these first-time authors for their gifted writing and their contribution to the literary world.

January 2020

Don't Give Up on Me
by C. Victorya Grace

Don’t Give Up on Me delves into issues of family, love, and inner strength as it follows the evolving relationship of Grace and Miguel.

Grace, a girl with a painful history, falls in love with Miguel, an undocumented immigrant who travels to the United States to support his mother and seven siblings after a lifetime of abuse at the hands of his father. Despite the difficulties they face, Grace believes that Miguel’s presence in her life is nothing short of a miracle.

But after living for each other for so long, they are forced to confront the possibility of spending life alone.

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February 2020

have a magical day
by wendell miracle

In this book, Wendell shows you how to go about achieving your goals in a sustainable way.

While the "hustle and grind" mentality advocates potentially sacrificing quality time with your friends and family, penny-pinching or waking up at unearthly hours, Wendell wants to show you that your goals can be achieved without compromising on your own mental and physical well-being.

The author himself went from being bankrupt in 2012 to earning a 6-figure income.

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March 2020

The Dawn of the Second American Revolution
by david Paul Taylor

David Paul Taylor is an established consultant who has years of experience working on government systems. After careful research and analysis, David has penned his thoughts into a political allegory that highlights how political systems affect various processes. These processes have a direct impact on the American taxpayer and will definitely be of interest to anyone with some level of interest in political systems - even if not the US political system.

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